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Andrzej Wróblewski

Andrzej Wróblewski (1927–1957) was one of the most unusual artists of the twentieth century. In only a single decade—he died prematurely at the age of thirty—he created an oeuvre in which one can perceive the élan of an aesthetic revolutionary and brilliant, multifaceted person whose ideas were always permeated by the will to political and social creativity. The Polish artist was interested in the existence of the individual inside the socialist regimes of Eastern Europe before and during World War II. In a way that was at first abstract, then increasingly concrete, and finally subjective, he depicted the decay of the human body and soul. This volume is a collection of sources and the result of a three-year research program



ISBN 9783775737968
AUTOR Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Noit Banai
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Kiedy w 1957 roku Andrzej Wróblewski stracił życie podczas wyprawy w góry, miał na koncie kilkadziesiąt obrazów, rysunków, grafik i kolaży oraz jeszcze bardzo dużo do stworzenia. Ten zaledwie 29-letni artysta pozostawił po sobie dzieła, których tajemnicza siła niezmiennie przytłacza i pociąga: obrazy zróżnicowane stylistycznie Andrzej Wróblewski | ZKM Research, production, exhibition: The ZKM dedicates itself to contemporary developments within art and society in all media formats and systems.