Beyond the Veil of Sedona.pdf

Beyond the Veil of Sedona

BEYOND THE VEIL OF SEDONA FAERY JOURNAL AND PHOTO GUIDEBOOK INCLUDES AUTHENTIC FAERY & NATURE SPIRIT PHOTOS FROM SEDONA, ARIZONA Cassandra and Celena Cloverleaf are identical twins who have shared unique telepathic experiences from the time they were born. They invite you to share their metaphysical adventures so that you may be able to experience them for yourself. While photographing nature in their own backyards at first orbs appeared, then nature spirits including the faery realm revealing themselves in digital photographs. One of the many reasons why these photographs are extraordinary is that Sedona, Arizona is well-knownfor its vortex and portal energies. They give tips on how to locate faeries and nature spirits and where they can be found. Our hope is that humankind will appreciate nature and other life-forms that exist. Let us join together in a very magical and mystical way. We can live and prosper in harmony and gain a greater knowledge of kinship with all creation for future generations while protecting Mother Earth.



ISBN 9780980222203
AUTOR Cassandra & Celena Cloverleaf
DATEINAME Beyond the Veil of Sedona.pdf

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