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Corrosion of Metals

Corrosion due to water is one of the most significant and complex causes of damage to metallic products. Written from the viewpoint of physical chemistry, this authoritative and established text deals with the aqueous corrosion of metals. Available for the first time in English, Corrosion of Metal addressing engineers, metallurgists, physicists and chemists. This self-contained, valuable reference comprehensively organizes and makes readily accessible the accumulated wealth of fundamental and applied knowledge. The concentration is on the underlying essentials of corrosion and failure, and the material is consistently presented in relation to practical applications to corrosion protection. The first chapters introducing the physicochemical principles are ideal for students. The following chapters provide an overview of the state of research for those familiar with the fundamentals. An exhaustive bibliography and appendices conclude the volume.



ISBN 9783540006268
AUTOR Helmut Kaesche
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