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Emerald City

These eleven masterful stories - the first collection from acclaimed author Jennifer Egan - deal with loneliness and longing, regret and desire. Egans characters - models and housewives, bankers and schoolgirls - are united by their search for something outside their own realm of experience. They set out from locations as exotic as China and Bora Bora, as cosmopolitan as downtown Manhattan, or as familiar as suburban Illinois to seek their own transformations. Elegant and poignant, the stories in Emerald City are seamless evocations of self-discovery.



ISBN 9780307387530
AUTOR Jennifer Egan
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04.03.2017 · Emerald City adresses society, but you don't realise until you're through and think about it. There's no preaching, no sermonizing, no morals or messages. But you get what is going on anyway. Emerald City has a bit of everything. Emotions, crime, suspense, treachery, fights, some love interest, lots of fantasy elements without too much of the Hub Culture Emerald City