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Graph Drawing Software

Automatic Graph Drawing is concerned with the layout of relational structures as they occur in Computer Science (Data Base Design, Data Mining, Web Mining), Bioinformatics (Metabolic Networks), Businessinformatics (Organization Diagrams, Event Driven Process Chains), or the Social Sciences (Social Networks). In mathematical terms, such relational structures are modeled as graphs or more general objects such as hypergraphs, clustered graphs, or compound graphs. A variety of layout algorithms that are based on graph theoretical foundations have been developed in the last two decades and implemented in software systems. After an introduction to the subject area and a concise treatment of the technical foundations for the subsequent chapters, this book features 14 chapters on state-of-the-art graph drawing software systems, ranging from general tool boxes to customized software for various applications. These chapters are written by leading experts, they follow a uniform scheme and can be read independently from each other. TOC:M. Juenger, P. Mutzel: Introduction.- M. Juenger, P. Mutzel: Technical Foundations.- T. Dwyer, P. Eckersley: WilmaScope - A 3D Graph Visualisation System.- V. Batagelj, A. Mrvar: Pajek - Analysis and Visualization of Large Networks.- D. Auber: Tulip - A Huge Graph Visualization Framework.- J. Ellson, E.R. Gansner, L. Koutsofios, S. North, G. Woodhull: Graphviz and Dynagraph - Static and Dynamic Graph Drawing Tools.- M. Juenger, G. W. Klau, P. Mutzel, R. Weiskircher: AGD - A Library of Algorithms for Graph Drawing.- R. Wiese, M. Eiglsperger, M. Kaufmann: yFiles - Visualization and Automatic Layout of Graphs.- S. Bridgeman, R. Tamassia: GDS - A Graph Drawing Server on the Internet.- F. J. Brandenburg, M. Forster, A. Pick, M. Raitner, F. Schreiber: BioPath - Exploration and Visualization of Biochemical Pathways.- G. Di Battista, W. Didimo, M. Patrignani, M. Pizzonia: DBdraw - Automatic Layout of Relational Database Schemas.- C. Gutwenger, M. Juenger, K. Klein, J. Kupke, S. Leipert, P. Mutzel: GoVisual - A Diagramming Software for UML Class Diagrams.- C. Lewerentz, A.Noack: CrocoCosmos - 3D Visualization of Large Object-oriented Programs.- R. Castelló, R. Mili, I. G. Tollis: ViSta - Visualizing Statecharts.- U. Brandes, D. Wagner: Visione - Analysis and Visualization of Social Networks.- G. Barbagallo, A. Carmignani, G. Di Battista, W. Didimo, M. Pizzonia: Polyphemus and Hermes - Exploration and Visualization of Computer Networks.



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AUTOR M. Jünger, P. Mutzel
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Digital drawing is when a drawing is created using graphics software. Instead of using a pencil and paper, digital artists draw with a tablet or a computer, along with a device such as a mouse or a stylus. Digital drawing programs offer features such as layers, brush sets, color palettes, rulers and guides, and pressure-sensitive strokes.