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Happiness Millionaire

Get ready to be a Happiness Millionaire and change your life forever.Are you struggling to reach your potential, believing there is more to life but dont know how to change it?Perhaps you are feeling unconfident, unfulfilled or even a little vulnerable?Chances are youre suffering from a poverty mindset, born out of fear. Youre not alone. In fact, I used to feel the same way. Like you, I was stuck, struggling with life. And, through discovering 13 time-tested life principles and creating powerful visual imagery, I discovered how to turn my life around and achieve a R.I.C.H life -Relationships, Income, Confidence, Health.In short, I became a Happiness Millionaire, and now its your turn!Through my workshops, Ive helped people just like you break through to a R.I.C.H. mindset and a ful lling life. And now, the transformative power of the 13-positive images from the workshops are available to you in this book, to work through at your own pace.Take the journey they offer and move towards that worthy goal for which we are all striving: happiness.



ISBN 9780995611207
AUTOR Janet Jones
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