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Man and His Symbols

For use in schools and libraries only. Illustrated throughout with revealing images, this is the first and only work in which the world-famous Swiss psychologist explains to the layperson his enormously influential theory of symbolism as revealed in dreams.



ISBN 9780613922678
AUTOR Carl Gustav Jung
DATEINAME Man and His Symbols.pdf

Man and his Symbols by Carl Gustav Jung 1950 Free PDF book Man and his Symbols by Carl Gustav Jung PDF First published in 1950, this book was left unchanged in all subsequent printings 1; nor have any textual changes been made in this first paperbound. Man and his symbols (Book, 1964) [] Get this from a library! Man and his symbols. [C G Jung; Marie-Luise von Franz; Joseph L Henderson; Aniela Jaffé; Jolande Jacobi] -- The first and only work in which Carl G. Jung, the world famous Swiss psychologist, explains to the general reader his theory of the importance of symbolism, particularly as revealed in dreams.