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O Doutor Transmontano

O Doutor Transmontano is a romantic fiction novel in the Portuguese language. Manuel is a young man, son of wealthy landowners in the North of Portugal region of Tras os Montes. He leaves his rural home in Flores, for Coimbra city, to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. A few years later, he returns to his family home for a visit and meets the love of his life, Suzana. Unfortunately, events dont go smoothly for Manuel and he has to ultimately fight for the love and happiness he deserves. In the lively comedy of manners that follows and through the characters portrayal of numerous humorous and ironic situations, Laura Karvell also superbly evokes typical Portuguese provincial middle-class life, traditions and conventions of a bygone era.



ISBN 9780992828738
AUTOR Laura Karvell
DATEINAME O Doutor Transmontano.pdf

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